European Capacity Building Initiative

ecbi provides sustained capacity building for climate change negotiators, to promote a level playing field between governments in the international climate negotiations. The Initiative aims to facilitate mutual understanding and trust – among developing countries, and between developing and European countries.


Are we doing enough to address climate change? Are countries living up to their promises? Are some doing better than they pledged? Transparency is key for answering these questions. This ecbi Pocket Guide, updated in January 2018, traces the evolution of transparency arrangements under the UNFCCC right up to the transparency framework under the Paris Agreement. It addresses both transparency of action and of support, and suggests ways to strengthen both these important elements of the global climate regime.
31 January 2018
Parties to the Paris Agreement face a difficult balancing act while developing further guidance for the Adaptation Communications, as they strive to make them useful and effective on one hand, and avoid placing an additional burden on countries (particularly those with limited capacity) on the other. This policy brief considers the challenges in light of the discussions that have taken place so far, most recently in Bonn in November 2017.
31 January 2018
Fiji's Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama, who presided over COP23, writes: "I wish to thank you for sharing the Pocket Guide to the Paris Agreement, which offers a very practical means to appreciate the key provisions and objectives of the Paris Agreement. It is certainly an excellent guide which was very handy for Leaders, politicians and experts alike... . I highly recommend your Guide to stakeholders at all levels of government, private sector, as well as civil society".
28 December 2017
Massachusetts State Senator Mike Barrett has introduced a bill to give taxpayers the option to donate a portion of their tax returns to the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF). This potentially groundbreaking legislation is supported by OCP, Oxfam America, and Boston University's Institute for Sustainable Energy. Watch the campaign video!
20 December 2017